Q & A

Q: Will it rain a lot during July and August?
A: July and August is actually raining season, sometimes there even typhoon (hurricane). It’s better to bring an umbrella with you. Or you can purchase them here.

Q: How much does it usually cost for one meal in Taipei?
A: You can find out the detailed average meal price in the Service tab. An average meal cost around NTD $80 ~ $150.

Q: It’s my first time to Taiwan, what currency do you use?
A: In Taiwan, the currency is “New Taiwan Dollar”. 1 USD is equivalent to NTD $30 ~ $34

Q: What’s Taiwan’s time zone?
A: Taiwan uses China Standard Time (CST). Taiwan is GMT / UTC +8 during Standard Time.

Q: What’s Taiwan’s voltage? Will my charger be able to use?
A: Taiwan’s voltage is between 110V ~ 220V. Nowadays, most of the charger has adapter. However, you might need a power plug adapter 3 pin to 2 pin if you have different pins.

Q: How much cash should I bring with me?
A: Recommend you bring at least NTD $20,000 (USD $630) for your personal use.

Q: What’s the weather like during July and August.
A: It’s summer season. Temperature ranging from 25 – 35 Celsius.

Q: Do we have pick-up service when we arrive?
A: Every student will have pick-up service upon their arrival. Our counsellor will meet you at the airport. A detailed reminder will be send via email to you before you came.

Q: How do I apply for pick-up service?
A: You will need to fill out a form upon your arrival. The service is not yet confirmed if you didn’t receive a confirmation form from the counsellors.

Q: Is it free? Or do I have to pay?
A: The pick-up service is included in the fee.

Q: Is it possible for me to exchange money in the airport?
A: There are banks in the airport. However, if you arrive before 08:00 or later than 10:00, the banks might be close.

Q: Where do I meet the counsellors?
A: The counsellors will meet you at the lobby with signs and badge.

Q: Who will I sleep with? Can I choose by myself?
A: Your roommate is choose totally randomly. You can request to live alone with additional fees.

Q: How many people are there in one room?
A: 2 – 4 people. Different genders are separated by different rooms.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi in the hostel?
A: Yes. There is free WiFi in the rooms.

Q: I smoke, is it possible to smoke in the hostel?
A: It is a non-smoking area. If you wish to smoke, please go to outdoor areas.

Q: Do I need to bring towels or tooth brush by myself?
A: There is one-time bath towel and one set of disposal toothbrush/toothpaste provided by the hostel.

Q: Is there washing machine for me to use?
A: Yes. Shared. NTD $10 per use.

Q: Is there a drinking fountain in the hostel?
A: Yes. You may prepare your own cup or use shared mug in the hostel.

Q: I don’t understand Chinese. Can I still join?
A: Of course! We welcome every one and it’s great that you choose Taiwan as your destination of learning Chinese.

Q: Will I be able to keep up with the class?
A: You will have a placement test before start. Teachers will evaluate you level of proficiency.

Q: How long is a Chinese /em>
A: A lesson of Chinese class is about 3 hours per day.

Q: What do we learn about in Chinese Class?
A: Various from basic daily conversation, to Chinese composite. The programs are well-designed for you to learn in a short time.

Q: How many hours of Chinese Lesson do you provide?
A: About 40 – 45 hours in this three-week camp.

Q: What will happen if I skip class?
A: If you failed to attend enough hours of class. It is possible you will lose your certificate of participation and / or your scholarship.

Q: Is there exams? Is it hard?
A: The main goal of the Chinese Class is for you to learn Mandarin Chinese in a fun, easy way. All of the exams are just to evaluate your level of study.

Q: What will happen if I’m sick and can’t go to class?
A: You should notify the counsellors. They will help you in the most way they could.

Q: Do we have class every day?
A: You only have class on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Q: How much do we have to pay?
A: Please go to “Fees” page for more info.

Q: Can I pay with credit card?
A: We only accept New Taiwan Dollar. In Cash. No other payment is allowed. Please prepare enough money with you when your arrival.

Q: Can I withdraw money in Taiwan?
A: There’s ATMs every where. Please contact with your local bank to ensure you to withdraw money overseas.

Q: Can I wired the money first? I don’t want to bring too many cash with me.
A: We only accept cash in NTD. No other payments are accepted.