Cultural Class

Aside from the beautiful language, you must also learn the ancient culture behind all those beautiful characters.

In Culture Class, our teacher will teach you the beauty behind every Chinese custom. Such as Red Envelope, a bless for children from the parents during new year. Or Paper Cutting, recognized and listed because it has a history of more than 1500 years and it represents cultural values of the people.

Chinese Traditional Dancing

Chinese Culture is not only famous for Calligraphy and Face Painting, but also the elegant Chinese Traditional Dance. In this class student follows the teacher to learn the essence of Chinese dance.

Chinese Yo-yo

Chinese yo-yo is an activity that only appear in Chinese culture. During this class, students can experience this unique activity by themselves and also learn the history of Chinese yo-yo.

Chinese Songs

In addition to learning how to speak Chinese, songs are something we can’t miss! You can learn the language by catchy and easy songs and understand the meaning behind it.