After a whole week of study, it’s time for some weekend getaways. Together with our counsellors, went on a journey to feel the true Taiwanese culture and scenery.

During every weekend. We will arrange small trips ranging from near Taipei City, or to nearby cities to know more about different culture around Taiwan. At the last of the camp, we even have a wonderful Graduation Trip for everyone.

City Tour, a great chance to know about the amazing city. Ride along with counsellors to get to know about the city that touches your heart.

We focus on visiting the beauty of northern Taiwan. From Hot Spots, Tourism Towns around the city, to experience the nature with Scenic Areas and National Parks. Also, we have plenty of DIYs to allow you to try out some famous delicacies. Not only allow you to try the food but also learn the tradition culture behind.

Maokong Gondola, while a ride takes about 30 minutes, you can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Taipei, plus, the amazing scenery of the nature of Northern Taiwan.

When at the top, everyone can enjoy the Wenshan tea and some Taiwanese snacks. We will have a good time seeing the night view and chatting together!

These collections of street stalls, sidewalk vendors and small canteens are a major part of the Taiwanese social scene.

Specific foods will often change from year to year with passing fads and become characteristic snacks of Taiwan, such as oyster omelet, Taiwanese Fried Chicken Breast, and stinky tofu persist.

Not only is food served in night markets, but also a lot of products are sold. You can buy many inexpensive, high-quality products, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, CDs and so on. In night markets, you can eat delicious Taiwanese cuisine and find marvels everywhere. You can experience special and memorable trips in Taiwan.

People in Taiwan like to go shrimping in their free time. The most special thing is that we shrimp indoor. Using a piece of chicken liver as their bait, spending their whole afternoon in the shrimp catching pond. After shrimping, some fishers will grill their shrimps as their dinner! It’s pretty fun, you will have a whole new experience with shrimping.

Short and simple walking track near the famous Taipei 101. A place where you can see the fascinating night view of the whole Taipei City. A great place to go if you like nightlife and beautiful scenery.